Love Notes

Susan has a lot of knowledge on finding your passion and calling through to how to move this idea into a business. She pulls out the ideas and dreams that have been hidden away and shows you the step by step system to make those dreams develop into a business and life you want to live.

When I started working with Susan I had an idea of what I wanted to do and the skills to do it, but I didn’t have the knowledge or understanding of how to make that idea come to life. She walked me through the various elements needed to build an online business, helping me to understand my business idea in more detail to really develop a plan to get it off the ground.

If you have a dream, an idea or you know your calling but you need some help to turn it into reality, a kind of support partner to work with to help you make it happen, Susan, is your woman.”

Adele Leah

“Community Kitchen to a Personal Brand and Business that inspires women to travel and do what they love”

Susan is an experienced and knowledgeable coach, who teases out of you the finite details that you need to acknowledge to move forward. I have worked with Susan on a number of occasions over the last five years and highly recommend her services.

Christine P Smith

“I’ve been working with Susan for almost a year, my business is unrecognisable in the best way.”

“The one-on-one support she has provided me over the last year is equal parts practical and energy magic. Which I believe is the recipe for success. I honestly feel like and it would have taking me the YEARS longer to get to where I am in my business if I didn’t have Susan in my back pocket.”

Medha P Murtagh

"Susan takes everything you think you know, unravels you and pulls you all back together with a beautiful golden thread. Her work is incredible. Your Soul will thank you."

Anna B F

"I’m amazed. I’m feeling like you’ve held my hand through a mega transformation. So much confidence and my intuition is through the roof. Everything I’ve learnt from you, into practice. Wow. Thank you ."

Amelia Slater

"Choosing to work with Susan was a no-brainer. She seemed to effortlessly understand what I was trying to create, and asked the right questions to pull the evasive ideas from my head. Spending a day with her in person is priceless, as it's more personal and intimate, and I got so much more than I had hoped for. With all her guidance, I signed my first client within a few weeks, and felt the possibilities that lay ahead with my new vision of my business. Susan has the ability to create sense and magic out of the confusion I had been carrying around in my head regarding my business. I couldn't recommend working with Susan highly enough."

Andrea Dix

Bring Your Big Vision to Life

This is a paid session, 45 minutes to get you on path to turning dreams into reality