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When you have a bigger vision for your life, but it all seems to scary so you keep stopping yourself from taking the next step, that’s when a mentor can be your greatest ally. 


You have a million ideas but not sure which one is the right one, or you’re confused about your true Soul Calling and path. I’ll teach you how to tune in, so that big idea and vision becomes clear and you become unwavering in your mission.

Support when you need it 

Online, offline, some of the time or when you need it. The support I offer my clients is bespoke and delivered when you need it. We meet in person or online, in groups, circles, masterminds or 1:1. Everything depends on where you are at, I’ll meet you right there.

What I Do

I see you & remind you of who you are

And I’ll show you how to get back in tune with the whispers of your Soul, to ignite your true path and become who you were always meant to become. As we meet and release the feears you have of showing up in this world, in your full expression, you’ll start believe in your infinite potential.

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Do you want to…

  • Love your work
  • Live your dream life
  • Trust your intuition
  • Believe in yourself
  • Create your dream career or business?

"Susan takes everything you think you know, unravels you and pulls you all back together with a beautiful golden thread. Her work is incredible. Your Soul will thank you."

Anna B Feldman

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