Create the Wellness Practice of Your Dreams

1:1 Support to Stabilise & Scale Your Business

Reveal: Intensive

1. Private 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Reveal Your Great Work to the World

A half or Full day intensive business workshop where we get into the detail as well as your Highest Vision to create a simple, effective and aligned to your Soul Deep Calling business that you love!

A VIP day retreat for you & your business, where you get to experience the magic and beauty of the Scottish Borders or we co-create online, using the magic of technology!

Deciding If This Is Right For You

Everything you need RIGHT NOW and more is right inside of you. And I’ll show you how to access that amazingness within you.

I will meet you where you are at. And from this place, we’ll work out a plan that will work for you.

Intention + Goals
And if planning and goal setting doesn’t float your boat, I have other cunning ways of getting you to work!

Here’s the thing, investing in a Coach or Mentor is one of the scariest things you will do (especially if you’re a first-timer to coaching) and it’s really important that you find your fit – it works both ways.

When I trigger or activate you in some ways, this IS a GOOD thing, it means that you’re seeing something within yourself that needs to be released.

And I’ll help you to move through it. Your way, in your own time.

I move at the speed of light, I don’t expect you to.

I use my intuition to guide me. Not my mind. It’s used for the practical work for implementing.

I’ll teach you how to use your intuition.

It’s powerful beyond measure.

Ask me what you want to ask me. Via the application form or by messaging me on Socials.

What You'll Receive

You’ve created the business, attracted clients and now you realise you may have built something you don’t love, now what?

Or, perhaps you’ve been retraining and are ready to release your new learnings to the world but are afraid of being judged.

When we work together, we’ll look at what you TRULY desire to create, then we create that. Not things that will get in the way of the end Vision, but the vision itself.

We begin by unravelling all of the shoulds, could and must have’s or have not, through a beautiful reclamation process that allows you to SEE who you are, who you are becoming and helps you to step into that.

Reveal is fully bespoke, in other words, I DO NOT KNOW what will happen, what I do know is that you can expect:

  • to 10x your income
  • increase your intuition
  • skyrocket your confidence
  • make a greater impact

But, my coaching and mentoring isn’t for the faint of heart – I’ll call you out on your BS and what’s holding you back AND help you to move through things faster, so that life does actually become easier, more fun and freer.

The Investment

Realm Intensive: £1850 per day or £925 per half day

Coaching begins the moment you decide to complete the form and hop on a call with me to find out if we’re a fit.

And even if we aren’t, this is THE best place for you to begin your exploration of working with a high-level coach & mentor.

Completing the form itself will show you what you’re here for & will prompt you to start re-thinking your Life Vision.

Let’s do this!


2. Realm

The Membership Immersion

This immersion is a fusion of powerful inner work and practical inspired action. You will be held, guided, supported, cheered on and mentored through 12 months to transform your mindset, embody your authentic self, express your gifts, claim your desires, step into your power & take brave steps forward to materialise your vision.

Spaces are limited to 30 women for each immersion to ensure you receive personalised support.

You will receive live coaching, mentoring, accountability tools, and practice meditation, magic and use intuitive tools (and gifts direct to your doorstep) to infuse into your daily devotion and practice. Plus, you will join a powerful community of like-minded souls all working towards their dreams, and be personally mentored by Susan through the entire journey.

Deciding If This Is Right For You


  • You find yourself daydreaming and imagining a life that is very different to what you are living now.
  • You want to start listening to your heart and prioritising what brings you joy and fulfils you.
  • You want to do work that feels deeply aligned with who you truly are and what you are passionate about.
  • You have creative gifts and ideas bubbling within that you want to express and explore.
  • You feel that your current job doesn’t allow your true, authentic self to be fully expressed.
  • You know you have an inner calling and you’re ready to find clarity on what it is.
  • You want to contribute to others and be of service by sharing your wisdom, messages and gifts.
  • You want to invest more time and energy in what you love to do, rather than what you should do or need to do.
  • You want to uncover your true purpose and live with more intention and meaning.
  • You are craving more freedom – the freedom to design your day, your schedule, your lifestyle and how you work.
  • You want a mentor & community to hold you accountable and cheer you on as you work towards your dreams.
  • You’re tired of hiding and playing small and you’re ready to fully show up for what you really want.
What You'll Receive

A Private Circle-Minded Community.

Weekly & Monthly Live Training.

Daily Practice, Rituals & Intuitive Guidance.

Visibility for your idea, program, product or service (and accountability to create your Sacred Service and Highest Vision).

YOUR Vision Illuminated, in the right places, at the right time.

Your Fears Released to stay on track and on course with your beautiful Vision & Mission on your path of Sacred Service.

3 x Gift boxes delivered to your door with all of the tools, rituals, and things you need to bring out the best of Who You Are.

The Investment

Option One: Including Gift Boxes

12 months membership fee: £1650 paid in full

12 months membership, paid monthly: £137.50

Option Two: Excluding Gift Boxes

12 months membership fee: £1188 paid in full

12 months membership, paid monthly: £99

*this is a 12-month commitment

One96: The Meditation Method

1. Meditation Matters

Why Meditation?

Meditation saved my life & my business. As you start to become more visible and grow your Big Vision, you need to be out there, marketing yourself and it doesn’t always feel so easy to show up.

The Meditation practice I’ve cultivated and designed for my life has become a Discipline that has helped me to transform my business, instead of doing all the “busy work” and unfinished, never-ending “to-do’s”, I focus on priorities first, then fun.

Some of the amazing things that happen when you Meditate are:

  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Feelings of happiness and a sense of well-being
  • An increase in Energy & Higher Vibe
  • Self-Awareness & Presence
  • Stronger Focus, Clarity & Productivity

There are many types of meditation available to you, you can learn on your own via available apps such as Insight Timer or Omvana, or simply by following YouTube videos.

Modern Meditation doesn’t necessarily follow a Tradition, which is your choice, however, it’s good to know that traditionally, Meditation was never a standalone technique, but a Spiritual Practice within the context of a Tradition (Buddhism, Yoga etc.) and the Teacher’s role was not only the technique to meditate, but also the life principles, ethics, philosophy and view of that particular tradition.

As Meditation is now widely accepted as a beautiful way to release stress and calm your nervous system, it’s important that should you decide to work with a teacher or in a group, that you’ve researched their background, tradition (if any) and your motivation to learn from them.

My meditation practice doesn’t follow a tradition – but I’ve created my own Spiritual Practice & Method, One96 which guides me through all areas of life.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

The pathway of a Meditation practice is one of discipline and devotion. Commonly, people decide to meditate but never devote to a daily practice, therefore the true benefits and understanding of it’s purpose can be ignored, lost or go unacknowledged.

Making Meditation a daily practice (not a habit) is much the same as going to the gym. You decide to create a change for yourself and you commit to the practice. When you ‘give up’ the practice, you notice that you ‘go back’ to the way you were. What motivates you to create the changes in the first place, should remain the motivation to change your life for the better and keep up the practice.

Meditation is a Lifestyle change. And, ANYONE can meditate.

1:1 sessions are held privately with me in Melrose (Scottish Borders) or via Zoom online.

What You'll Learn

The basic principles of meditation, both guided, visualisations, in silence and the use of Mantras.

Ways in which to form a daily habit easily and gracefully.

Understanding the Universal Laws which govern us, what the connection to Source, Universe or Consciousness and Great Work really means and why there is no attachment to a Dogma or Religion in the practices I teach.


I get asked all of the time, “why is meditation with you not free”?

The answer is simple.

My method isn’t available anywhere else (unless you join Realm) and the practice I teach you, helps you to uncover your OWN practice. You won’t receive this kind of support in group sessions or meditation apps.

I charge £95 for 1.5 hours. One of the best investments you’ll ever make!

The Mystics Cave

The Mystics Cave is a beautiful online emporium for you to find all that you need on your path of service.