Oh Hey!

I am Susan Young 

A little bit wild, a lot free, here to invoke your Spirited Self & Awaken you into Your Dream Life.

I travelled the world, trying out everything, seeking out new opportunities and continually asking myself “is this what I’m supposed to be doing with my life”. Until one day, I decided to stop seeking and start listening.

To my Heart & my Soul. Not to the voices, the advice, the sages & the gurus, but instead, to my inner-most-awesome-self.

The day I “woke up” was also the day that I started to move through a very-long Dark Night of the Soul and, in doing so, revealed to myself the ways in which I’d been holding myself back, not allowing myself to Be, Do, Have all the LIFE had to offer. Even though on the outside, my adventures as a Digital Nomad seemed like the ideal, dream laptop-lifestyle.

Now I’m a part-time entrepreneur, full-time Reverend of Illumination (this means, I devote myself daily to my own Illumination and to yours), fully guided by Intuition, Source & Soul, I live by the Heart and fearlessly face my Fears & show YOU how to do the same.

It’s a Rocking Life, if you choose to live it your way.

Your Soul Speaks

Wait. Listen.

Listening to your Heart & Soul isn’t about connecting with your emotions. It goes deeper than that. When you learn how to truly connect inwards with Who You Are and Who You Were Always Meant To Become, profound change occurs and your life moves with the currents and flow of the Universe.

When you are connected, you find Resonance and a new way of being, moving you into a Higer Vibrational State which you can stay in, even when the world is falling apart around you. You begin to Trust your Emotions and use them to move you forward into your highest potential. 

  • I will teach you how to live a Mindful & Conscious Centred Life
  • I will teach you how to Meditate & use your Heart’s Intelligence & Innate Wisdom
  • I will show you what’s possible & how to give yourself permission to receive your Desires & Illuminate Your Gifts
  • I will show you how to live a Life on Purpose, cultivated via Conscious Centred Living into your Divine Calling

"Susan takes everything you think you know, unravels you and pulls you all back together with a beautiful golden thread. Her work is incredible. Your Soul will thank you."

Anna B F

"I’m amazed. I’m feeling like you’ve held my hand through a mega transformation. So much confidence and my intuition is through the roof. Everything I’ve learnt from you, into practice. Wow. Thank you ."

Amelia S

What I Do

I bring YOU back to Life

I find all the pieces you need, speak with your Soul and support you to tune into the whispers so that you can take aligned, inspired action to create the life of your dreams. The life you know is waiting for you to say YES to.


  • Intuitive Intelligence Practitioner®
  • Mindfulness Practitioner, Level 1, 2, 3 + Master
  • Meditation Teacher & Facilitator
  • Life Purpose Coach
  • Bachelors of Metaphysical Science, B.Msc
  • Dip. Metaphysical Practitioner (Spiritual Direction)
  • Masters of Metaphysical Science, M.Msc 
  • Doctor of Philosophy, PhD Conscious Centred Living (currently undertaking)

I love great design, beautiful aesthetics although I love the simple things in life. Sipping a coffee in my magical cottage garden, meditation in the trees, horse-riding and running until I can run no more. I’m a genius with tech, a creative cook, I take long baths in the middle of the afternoon and I have a knack of just knowing things that ‘most people’ don’t know. Oh and I am pretty handy to know & have in your back pocket.

You Want


Meditations, short snippets of awesome, ideas & things out of the ordinary!