Soul Deep, Heart Led, Sacred Service

Illuminate Your Limitless Life

Spiritual Direction & Business Mentoring for Wellness Practitioners

Devotion & Discipline

Soul Deep, Heart Led, Conscious Business

If you’ve been running your Wellness Practice for a while, but are yearning for more or know that you haven’t fully emerged and expanded into your Highest Vision, let me help you co-create your Sacred Service & bring your brilliance to the world.

Using practical strategies combined with the Magic of Metaphysics, truly move into your Soul Deep, Sacred Service to become Magnetic, Devoted & Excited about your Business, your Offers and your Visibility online & offline.

Oh Hey!

I am Susan Young

Over the years I struggled to step into my full zone of genius and power. I lacked support and boot-strapped my way to build my business in Australia.

I returned to the UK, following my intuition, back to the town where I grew up & all my family live. This is where stepping “back” into my Modern Mystic Muse & allowing myself to be seen as an Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher & Leader allowed the Daily Practice of ONE96 to develop, evolve & grow!

Create Your Sacred Service

Our Co-Creation

Soul Deep Intensive

A half or Full day intensive business workshop where we get into the detail as well as your Highest Vision to create a simple, effective and aligned to your Soul Deep Calling business that you love!

A VIP day retreat for you & your business, where you get to experience the magic and beauty of the Scottish Borders or we co-create online, using the magic of technology!

The Mystics Cave

A 12-month journey of Council & Circle for Women in Wellness. To create, grow and scale your business, you need time, focus, discipline & determination. Using the One96 Method, you’ll unravel your limitations and step into your potential.

This co-creation is run annually, beginning in September each year.

Meditation & Mindfulness

If you’re getting started with your practice or an already devotee, you can join me in private 1:1 or group sessions in Melrose, or in workshops and retreats throughout the Scottish Borders.

Or join us in The Mystics Cave, a commUnity for Wellness Practitioners devoted to bringing their brilliance to the world.

My Process

The One96 Method, a model for Transformation & Wellness

One96 Visioning

Visioning using the One96 Life Vision Flow, allows you to recognise your deepest desires and helps you to heal what’s lying beneath in your unconscious, to get you off the “merry-go-round” keeping you stuck, unsure and unable to move forward.

One96 Principles

Using “The Six” principles to guide you through your visioning you’ll learn how to accept, forgive, become accountable and responsible for who you are to illuminate your limitless potential.

One96 Practice

How It Works

We Connect into our Subconscious Mind

Establishing a daily practice of devotion to “getting out of our mind” which means, finding ways to slow down our thoughts, our nervous system and learn how to release stress, anxiety and overwhelm so that you can SEE the vision your Soul has been calling you for.

This is The One. Remembering to remember our connection to The One Mind.

Learn our own Life Vision Flow (the Nine)

In general, we humans have a tendency to focus on 4 main areas of our lives; money, career, relationships/love and our health.

And we have a tendency to skip over a few others because we believe if we have the right amount of money or a better career/business we can then have better health or a nicer home etc.

We have it upside down and back to front most of the time, because of our circumstances.

The Nine, our Life Vision Flow, takes you through areas of your life in a particular sequence to help you Align to your deep Soul Vision AND release limitations, old habits and beliefs along the way.

It’s really powerful, and if you’re a business owner, you’ll LOVE how this process will help you to evolve, expand and grow!

The Healing Principles (The Six)

You learn 6 principles, which move you through the healing process as you step into your Vision.

The Six are fundamental to your journey and play a part in all that you do. You’ll “use” them now, you just won’t have noticed (yet). 

Susan Young

"Susan takes everything you think you know, unravels you and pulls you all back together with a beautiful golden thread. Her work is incredible. Your Soul will thank you."

Anna B F

"I’m amazed. I’m feeling like you’ve held my hand through a mega transformation. So much confidence and my intuition is through the roof. Everything I’ve learnt from you, into practice. Wow. Thank you ."

Amelia Slater

"Spending a day with Susan in person is priceless, as it's more personal and intimate, and I got so much more than I had hoped for. With all her guidance, I signed my first client within a few weeks, and felt the possibilities that lay ahead with my new vision of my business."

Andrea Dix

"Choosing to work with Susan was a no-brainer. She seemed to effortlessly understand what I was trying to create, and asked the right questions to pull the evasive ideas from my head."


Susan has the ability to create sense and magic out of the confusion I had been carrying around in my head regarding my business. I couldn't recommend working with Susan highly enough."

Enter The Mystics Cave

Join the CommUnity where you can lean in, listen, be guided, witness, heard and supported as you develop your Sacred Service.