Re-Write Your Future

Create a Vision & a new Reality


1. Bespoke 1:1 Mentoring

You + Me for 6 Months of Radical Transformation

Let’s take the old you, love her, honour her and release her to bring to life the woman who has been hiding, deep inside and bring her into the light.

You + me for 6 months, taking a deep dive into what brings you the most joy, lights up your life, nourishes your Heart & Soul and reconnect into your Greatest Life’s Work.

Mentoring is completely bespoke, you may need me to be your coach one day, your mentor the next. You will have me in your back pocket via email + messenger support, which is unlimited* and we’ll meet 3 times per month using Zoom. You can be anywhere in the world, and in your PJ’s, I have a flexible, timezone friendly calendar.

How Deep Is Your Work is a question I get asked – we go deep, deep down into your core to find Who You Are and Reveal you to the world. This is NOT for the faint of heart. This is Soul Work which requires you to become Fearless in meeting your Fears, finding the Raw & Real You and transforming you into Who You Were ALWAYS Meant to Become.

It’s time to Re-write your old story and Create Your Future. 

Deciding If This Is Right For You

Do you want to become Fearless in facing your Fears? Are you willing to take accountability & responsibility for your own healing, choices and ‘what is’ in this life?

This 1:1 work is HOW we move from fear to love, permanently and sustainably. This is how we raise our consciousness to become masterful creators of reality. This DEEP Work transforms your current identity to a braver, bolder, stronger and brighter you.

There is only one thing that opens us to live in partnership with the Infinite and access the lives of our highest purpose and joy. And that is meeting and releasing our subconscious fear. There is simply no other way.” – from the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

You may already have a Vision for your life, or perhaps you’ve created all of your Life’s Vision & Work to-date and you’re curious about how far you can go and / or what’s next.

You do not have to be a business owner to work with me 1:1, however, be prepared to take back control of your LIFE, make big changes, releasing what no longer serves you, creating new & amazingly beautiful dreams that you will bring into reality.

What You'll Receive


An Intuitive Intelligence session is a thorough energy evaluation and clearing of identified subconscious fear blocks.

As your Intuitive Guide, I will identify, clear and release the events and experiences at the level of the subtle anatomy that have blocked the flow of unlimited, infinite consciousness to you. These events are rarely the ones we consciously carry around. If you are encountering the same kinds of life situations again and again, no matter how consciously we are working on them, then a Method session will provide immediate relief and clarity.

When you are free of your subconscious energetic imprint you become fearless and intentional. If you are willing to permanently let go of the wounds that have prevented your personal success and happiness, then the connection we create and the profound Universal energy I access on your behalf, changes everything for good.


Since all emotion and feeling state is vibration, all our deep-seated and repetitive beliefs become a part of your subtle anatomy. They, in turn, affect our physical anatomy. As your Intuitive Guide, I  energetically attune to those blocks and work with laser like precision to remove them in partnership with you.

This is an active process where I lead you towards recognising your own illumination. I will not ask you to hand over your power to me. I will scaffold you to meet your own power. I will scaffold you to move from fear to love. This is the true nature of healing.

The Investment

6 Months 1:1 Bespoke Mentoring + Coaching: £6500 single payment

12 Months 1:1 Bespoke Mentoring + Coaching: £11,000 single payment

*payment plans available

This investment is based upon a mutually agreed bespoke package. Please use the application button below to find out if we are a great match to work together.


2. Illuminate

The Illuminate Immersion

This immersion is a fusion of powerful inner work and practical inspired action. You will be held, guided, supported, cheered on and mentored through 30 powerful days to transform your mindset, embody your authentic self, express your gifts, claim your desires, step into your power & take brave steps forward to materialise your vision.

Spaces are limited to 30 women for each immersion to ensure you receive personalised support.

You will receive coaching, mentoring, accountability tools, and practical meditation, magic and inutitive tools to infuse into your daily devotion and practice. Plus, you will join a powerful community of like-minded souls all working towards their dreams, and be personally mentored by Susan through the entire journey.

Deciding If This Is Right For You


  • You find yourself daydreaming and imagining a life that is very different to what you are living now.
  • You want to start listening to your heart and prioritising what brings you joy and fulfils you.
  • You want to do work that feels deeply aligned with who you truly are and what you are passionate about.
  • You have creative gifts and ideas bubbling within that you want to express and explore.
  • You feel that your current job doesn’t allow your true, authentic self to be fully expressed.
  • You know you have an inner calling and you’re ready to find clarity on what it is.
  • You want to contribute to others and be of service by sharing your wisdom, messages and gifts.
  • You want to invest more time and energy in what you love to do, rather than what you should do or need to do.
  • You want to uncover your true purpose and live with more intention and meaning.
  • You are craving more freedom – the freedom to design your day, your schedule, your lifestyle and how you work.
  • You want a mentor & community to hold you accountable and cheer you on as you work towards your dreams.
  • You’re tired of hiding and playing small and you’re ready to fully show up for what you really want.
What You'll Receive

A Private Circle-Minded Community

Weekly Training Videos

Daily Practice, Rituals & Intuitive Guidance

Visibility for your idea, program, product or service (across Susan’s social media platforms)

YOUR Vision Illuminated, in the right places, at the right time

Your Fears Released to stay on track and on-course with your beautiful Vision & Mission


The Investment

Illuminate Immersion Group Program – 30 days: $197 USD*

Illuminate VIP Immersion – 30 days + 4 x 1:1 Mentoring calls: $697 USD*

*payment plans available

Are you ready to Illuminate Your Life?

This is a paid 30 minute session, it’s £50 & will alter the direction of your life forever #nojokes