What Lights You Up?


Your beautiful Idea, Project, Program or Course & Release it to the World!

Ideas + Intention

We all have something. An idea for a program, or group course. Perhaps you are pivoting your business because you want to claim your calling, because you know, deep down, your Soul has been patiently waiting for you to ignite. Your Great Work, your Soul Work is ready to have it’s turn, let’s shine a light on your idea and get your Vision out to the world, it’s time.

Illuminate is a 30 day immersion to activate and Ignite Your Spark of Light on “your thing” and make sure it gets out to the world with clear intent and pure purpose and unbridled passion. Get excited, you’re about to turn your Dream into a Reality!

This is your invitation to join me on an adventure over 30 days where you will get inspired, focused and take action on your brilliant idea, course, program or project that your Soul has been nudging you to bring to light in the world.

What do you want to Illuminate?

There’s a brilliant idea, program, course, service, or project in all of us, but so many of them never see the light of day because we are in fear of what might happen:

  • someone will steal your idea
  • it’s too big it’s scary
  • you’re scared you’ll fail
  • you’re scared you’ll succeed
  • everything else in your life comes first
  • you can’t find the time or motivation
  • you’re scared you’ll be judged 
  • you don’t know “how”

We can release those fears and bring your Vision and Dreams to Light. It all begins with a Decision!


When you feel that there’s not enough time to focus on your true Soul and Heart’s desires, Illuminate has been created for you, to release your fears, find your inspiration and connect back into that Soul Flow and Feeling state that allows you to bring your beautiful ideas, project, course, product or program into the light.

Created for women who are in business or who want to start something that aligns with their truth, and lean into using inspired action, intuition, self-trust and self-belief to bring your Great Work into the world.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to pull together that next-level program, or create something that infuses all of your magic, this immersion will open you up to your infinite potential, gain clarity on the people you want to serve and create a message that matters. Releasing all fears of ‘being seen’ along the way!


I’m Susan

And my biggest joy comes from seeing others allowing their Soul’s Greatest Work and Gifts come to life in this world. We ALL have something special and brilliant to contribute and there is no better time than NOW to make your dream project, idea or service be illuminated in this world.

I have an uncanny knack of ‘seeing’ the golden thread that runs through your life & experiences & can pull everything together into that Vision you hold… and it’s here where the magic of your message, mission and vision truly lies!

How it Works



❤️ Multi-passionate & confused? We’ll gain clarity on your passions and purpose
❤️ Reveal your Message for the world, uncover your unique gifts, talents & special something
❤️ Learn to Listen to Intuition & Soul Guidance, discern between Ego & the Heart
❤️ Connect with your heart & soul wisdom on a daily basis to receive guidance and support
❤️ Implement daily practical exercises to clarify your vision through journaling, visualising, meditation & mindfulness


❤️ Activate your own inner power, anchoring & embodying your new identity
❤️ Procrastination & excuses be gone! Overcome what’s holding you back
❤️ No more blame or viction, move to empowered thinking
❤️ Clean up energy leaks through boundaries, learning to say no, create new priorities to manage your time and energy
❤️ Hocus, Pocus, Focus on Feeling States & Energy to create what you desire
❤️ Apply conscious creation tools to align & co-create your big Vision


❤️ Release the beliefs, stories & patterns & create a new story
❤️ Embrace & embody your highest self, raise your Vibration (it’s truly the real currency)
❤️ Use tools to re-program your thoughts & create new neural pathways
❤️ Let Go to Grow into your new Identity of who you were always meant to become
❤️ Embody your true nature and authentic self
❤️ Implement & Illuminate your idea using practical tools & strategies to be seen, heard & valued

Imagine your life in 1, 3, 9 months from now…..

What Are You Waiting For?

Ignite Your Light & Illuminate Your Soul Work

Turn your Soul Wisdom into Words

Let Your Heart Lead

Get out of your head and into your heart. Literally, get “out of your mind”. When I first started my online business in 2009, I was full of excitement, wonder and loved the thrill of creation. But something kept holding me back from really saying yes (and honouring) my heart’s true desires and Soul Calling.

After years of struggling with my head and never really understanding what it meant to ‘live from your heart’, I invested my money, time and energy into the inner work, taking a deep dive into who I was am, who I was always meant to be and started to grow by letting go of the old identity of me I’d become attached to.

I understand the struggle of getting clarity on what it is you are here for, who you are meant to serve and also, getting that idea, program, product, course or service out to the world. I know exactly what it takes to move from Fear to Love everyday and how AMAZING it feels to be on path, in alignment, to be my own greatest champion, listening to my intuition, my heart & soul has transformed my reality into a an awakened, alive dream.

Dive Deeper into You

A’s to your Q’s

How It Works

Can I really release a new idea, project, program or course in 30 days?

Yes! You can do it RIGHT NOW if you wanted to.

The real Magic behind the 30 days is that you will get absolute clarity on the idea, who it’s for, what’s “inside” it (behind the scenes) and you’ll have the tools, tips and techniques to make it come to life.

Because we use Daily Rituals, Discipline and Practices to engage and connect in with Intuition and Soul, your success is inevitable.

I do have a Vision for my business, but unsure of my next step, will this help?

Yes. Because what we’re doing is uncovering what’s next for you via Connection to your Higher Self and Soul. You’ll learn to listen to your Heart and Soul Wisdom who have ALL the answers for you.

And, during our Live Q&A’s you’ll have the opportunity to post your most pressing Q’s to have answered by Susan (she’ll answer them all) – the beauty in this, is that when you become present in the now, even though we’re looking at Future Visions, we’ll shine a light on what you’ve not seen, the things that are right under your nose, but you’re so close to it all, you don’t know what’s there!

I don't have a business yet, but want to explore my purpose and vision, is that OK?

Of course. All  of our paths will look different and I will be guiding you to deeply listen to yourself. You may want to continue in your job, but simply express your passions or creativity outside of work.

Or you may want to transition to a different role, or a part-time role to make more space for your heart-driven dream. There will be absolutely no pressure to make that transition or change your working situation unless it truly feels right for you. There are many ways to start a dream business on the side and remember, that when you are employed, you are in an empowered position to bring your vision to light.

How much time will I need over the 30 days?

The immersion includes:

– A weekly 60 minute LIVE video call (Monday)
– A 60 minute Live Q&A + Hot Seat every week (Thursday)
– A Facebook community which I suggest interacting in at least twice per week (excluding the videos)

If you choose the VIP option:

– 4 x 15 Minute 1:1 Calls with me
– Unlimited Facebook Messenger support (during office hours)

Then on top of this, the amount of time you dedicate to applying the principles to creating your dream is up to you. The more energy you can dedicate to your dream, the faster it will materialise.

However, I am mindful people may be entering this program with big commitments such as a full time job or a family. So you can work this immersion around you, and you will be able to revisit the material after the 30 days where you’ll have access to a private portal.

How much support will I receive over the 30 days?

There will only be a maximum of 30 members in the program to ensure everyone receives personalised support. I will be active in our Facebook community daily and I will be able to provide direct support, guidance, mentoring and feedback.

You will also be able to submit questions for direct support in our weekly Q&A + Hot Seat calls.

If you want 1:1 coaching with me, you will have the option of purchasing the VIP option which includes a 4 x 15 minute private mentoring sessions with me on Zoom plus unlimited FB Messenger support.

Do I have to know how to meditate?

No. All the practices and rituals I’ll be taking you through are easy to learn, embody and implement into your daily life. The reason why we use meditation, mindfulness and energetic practices is to help you to Raise your Vibration and find connection to your true, authentic self.

So, if you’ve never meditated before and are ready to begin, you’ll learn techniques that will empower you to become the CEO of your life.

I really don't love journaling, do I have to do it?

There’s always a reason for your resistance, which we will uncover. You don’t have to journal daily, there are other things that you can do as alternatives, which we will explore throughout the 30 days.

We are all unique individuals with different strengths, loves and loathes. This immersion will help you to uncover YOUR thing and what works for you to stay aligned, on course and in tune with your Vision and Dreams.

What happens when I sign up?

As soon as your payment has cleared, our system will register your details. You’ll be invited to a Private Facebook Community where all the pre-work and action will take place (yes, even before the immersion begins). 

You’ll also be sent instructions (via email) to the account you signed up with, so make sure that you whitelist our email address info@one96.co to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

What happens if I change my mind or can't commit?

The magic of you realising your Dreams and Vision happen as soon as you say YES to yourself. I know it can be scary and sometimes, we want to back out of our commitments.

So, I ask you to consider carefully if this is for you. There are no refunds once you are in (except in exceptional circumstance).

If you can’t commit to the 30 day immersion, e.g. you don’t think you’ll find the time to watch / learn / participate, then maybe this time isn’t quite right for you, that’s OK. There will be other dates in the future you can join.

Don’t press YES because of FOMO. Press YES because you’re ready to ILLUMINATE your Vision and Soul’s Greatest Work!

"Susan takes everything you think you know, unravels you and pulls you all back together with a beautiful golden thread. Her work is incredible. Your Soul will thank you."

Anna B F

"Susan provides is an incredibly supportive foundation from which to expand. The one-on-one support she has provided me is equal parts practical and energy magic. Which I believe is the recipe for success. I honestly feel like and it would have taking me the YEARS longer to get to where I am in my business if I didn't have Susan in my back pocket."

Medha P M

"I’m amazed. I’m feeling like you’ve held my hand through a mega transformation. So much confidence and my intuition is through the roof. Everything I’ve learnt from you, into practice. Wow. Thank you ."

Amelia S

Illuminate Your Awesome Idea

Illuminate Immersion

$197 USD Paid In Full

30 days of Connection to Your Heart & Soul

Join me to ILLUMINATE your Dreams & Vision

Illuminate VIP Immersion

$697 USD Paid In Full

Join me as my VIP and receive 4 x 15 minute 1:1 Mentoring sessions +

Unlimited FB Messenger Support